Inbound Marketing for Law Firms: What are it’s benefits?

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Nowadays we are very aware that there is a high tendency to digitize our publicity campaings, so the offline strategies can become insufficient. In the same way, they can be expensive and get you a low clients and leads acquisition rate. Also, there is the fact that the law firms market can be very competitive and saturated with this type of services. That’s why today we will like to discuss more about the benefits of Inbound Marketing for Law Firms.

On InboundPlus we have the true conviction that the Inbound Marketing strategies and metodology are a true ally on this cases. We want to tell you what it is and why it can adapt to your law company. This approach let you expand your range through the digital media and give you specialized and automated tools with a lower costs than offline strategies

What’s exactly Inbound Marketing?

First, let’s try to think how many people requires legal services: the number will scalated very quickly. So, it’s natural to think that the first thing that people would do to look for options to this need is to consult Google. In those search results they will focus on the firt ones that appears. The idea comes from that.

Our priority is to position ourselves on these top search results, because our chances to get more leads, and to eventually convert them to our clients, increseas enormously. But, How can we achieve this? This is were Inbound Marketing gets in action.

So, people tend to solver their problems with especific words on the search engines like Google. This words are called keywords and they are crucial, because they are going to guide our content to channel and bring a solution to this doubts appears in a few words. We have to think like our clients to produce quality content around those keywords.

How to create Inbound Marketing strategies for Law Firms?

You can try with this 3 easy steps to start your campaign:

Identify your Buyer Persona

Your buyer persona represents your ideal client. In your case you are interested in both natural and legal persons. Then, you have to distinguish between profiles and choose those who can become our prospective clients. This is essential because it’s the foundation that holds all of your company strategies.

Understand their problems and bring them solution

It’s obvious that we want our users to find the best solution in our services. It’s imperative that you know with detail all of their doubts, questions and needs to bring them solutions in a efficient way, and start building trust between you.

In this step, you can find lots of opportunities for legal services companies, because the legal knowledge can be very tecnified by nature and can be confusing for your clients. You can establish that link by providing useful and clear information to guide your users in their search for answers.

Spread your content and position it on the search results

You have to make sure that this recently created content spreads towards your digital channels (social media for example) in which your buyer persona moves so they can get your message.

For example, if you want to give legal audits for companies, it’s most likely that their managers and directors use a platform like LinkedIn. There can a possibility that you can find them on Facebook. You can use these channels to show your most common services.

We hope that this simple strategies can be helpful to start setting up your digital campaign. You can also check this article about how to pick an Inbound Marketing Agency. If you have doubts about the results you can contact us so we can chat and give a solution.

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InboundPlus es creada con el fin de ayudar a empresas pequeñas y medianas a implementar una estrategia de inbound marketing, que pueda cubrir su principal necesidad de generar más clientes tanto a corto y largo plazo, logrando un posicionamiento en el mercado, pero con una base sólida desde la identificación de los clientes ideales de la empresa, para luego aportarles contenido de valor, educándolos sobre la propuesta de valor y llevándolos a la acción.


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